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THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX – Innovation/New Products/Customisation

Increasingly, we are seeing a new type of customer come through our door. People are coming up with creative uses for shipping containers and we’re happy to work with them.

  • Construction site sheds
    Off Grid Container Office
    Off Grid Container Office
  • Houses
  • Mobile warehouses
  • Container signage
  • Offices
  • Workshops

We can add doors, windows, insulation, power, air-conditioning, plumbing, shelving, whirly birds and more.

Forget brick or stone, an emerging trend is the use of shipping containers as building blocks.

Like Legos, they can be stacked on top of each other or side by side, making them a viable addition to the home or workspace.


Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to applications of shipping containers. They are suitable as:

Construction of Shipping Container Home

  • Off grid office solutions with solar energy
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Overseas freight shipping
  • Home furniture storage
  • Car, boat, caravan storage
  • Garden and tool storage
  • On-site office
  • Pop up shop or café
  • Swimming pool
  • Family home

We’re taking traditional shipping containers to new heights with a wide range of applications that help solve our customers business and personal challenges across many market sectors.