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Tropical Containers operates an extensive network of sea, rail and road solutions that enable us to deliver shipping containers to your destination – wherever that may be. We can manage the delivery from manufacture to the final destination. And we can do that at a great price. 

A Side Loader Transporting a Container

A Side Loader Transporting a Container


We are also experienced in the movement of oversized or unusual cargo that won’t fit into a conventional shipping container.

Tropical Containers operates a dedicated depot and storage facility next to the Port of Townsville and has holding yards in other major centres including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Cairns, the Whitsundays, Mackay, Ingham, and into Western Queensland. This enables us to effectively deliver our products directly to key metropolitan, regional and remote areas.

All of our valued transport services are highly efficient and competent operators and have clearances to access major road transport hubs and ports.

Within reason we can get a container almost anywhere.

Your container can be delivered to your site using a side loader or tilt tray. This will ensure placement of your container exactly where you want it.

Types of Transport

There are a number of types of transport we can use to get your container to its location.

Maxi Side Loader
A maxi side loader can lift up to 30 tonnes. It unloads to the drivers side only.

Mini Side Loader
A mini side loader lifts up to four tonnes. It loads and unloads to the driver side only and can only do a 20 foot container.

Tilt Tray
You can also use a tilt tray which is a winch on/slide off operation. Make sure to let us know how you want us to load your container – either with doors to the cabin or doors to the rear. This is important because your container slides off the rear.


Shipping containers should be placed on level ground, if not you may find it difficult to open and shut the container doors. It is the buyers responsibility to ensure the ground is adequately prepared and that you have the materials to make the container sit level.